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03. Timesharing & Paternity

Timesharing with your Children

Many men have become socially accustomed to the idea that they do not have as many rights as women when it comes to their children. This is not the case.  Most Courts are providing both parents, if applicable, 50/50 timesharing or co-parenting.  If you are a father, your rights deserve to be respected just as much as your child’s mother.  Both parents should have as much parenting time with their children as possible.  We will advocate on your behalf for your absolute right to see and help raise your children, uninhibited by the other parent.  We handle all of the legal issues associated with legal rights of both parents, men and women, including paternity issues, adoptions, and the divorce process, including child support, custody, and timesharing.  Men and women should be considered equal during a divorce or paternity action and we treat all of our clients fairly regardless of their gender, race, color or creed.  We will aggressively advocate for your children and we will pursue supervised timesharing or sole parental responsibility if that is in the children's best interests.  At the end of the day, we zealously and aggressively advocate for the best interests of our clients and keep our clients totally informed throughout the process.

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