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02. Child Support

Child Support

Child Support can and sometimes does have difficult issues; however, the majority of the time is a pretty simple mathematical equation established by the Florida Supreme Court.   In considering child support, you need to consider the income of both parties, time-sharing, health and dental insurance and if there are any special needs regarding the minor children.

Arrears in child support is a term that refers to past due child support owed to a custodial parent. Sometimes, the government, Department of Revenue, assigns the arrears owed to a custodial parent to the State of Florida for repayment of any public assistance the custodial parent may have received. Whether a custodial parent’s arrears are assigned or unassigned depends on whether she/he received public assistance.   Even if there is no Department of Revenue involvement, but child support arrears are owed, we can help you in obtaining any child support arrears that you are owed, regardless of how old your child is.

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